No one else has the same and it needs an individualized treatment

Sounds bizarre? Let’s take a moment to think about it

Why Yours Only

  • In the same person, pain varies from day to day
  • The same painful stimulus does not elicit the same amount of pain
  • What’s painful to someone is not to someone else

Pain varies from day to day in the same person.  This has been everyone’s experience. Using morphine as a pain killer it has been shown that the need varies from 1 to 10. For the exact same painful stimulus 1mg will cover the given pain when at another time 10mg will be required!

The same painful stimulus does not elicit the same amount of pain. Again, using Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) in the same patient for the exact same surgery months apart, the consumption of morphine varies widely.

What’s painful to someone is not to someone else. This is why Patient Controlled Analgesia is so successful compared to the old method of pain estimated by doctors or nurses. They were most often wrong and patients were unhappy. 

There are so many different parameters in anyone’s life that we can safely say Your Pain Is Yours Only! You may say that acute pain is different from chronic pain. That is right, it is different. But it does not throw anybody’s chronic pain in the same bag. YOUR PAIN IS YOURS ONLY!


For a start it means that there is no “one treatment fits all”. For too long now we have relied on the magic pill. Doctors did not have the time to go through lengthy questioning to really know their patients. Big Pharma is only interested in selling pills. All the associated health professionals are limited by the same time limited frame and this unending trimming down of patients in parts. Each one his organ or system forgetting that a patient is a whole individual that needs listening to and prioritizing actions to get them to have a better chance to work. 

This is what I used to call the CT-Scan era where patients are looked at like slices, each one taking his own. Well, we are not salamis and this view of an individual must stop.

Any treatment must be individualized!


I was once shown a CT-Scan by the head of a neurosurgical department. He displayed it proudly to me with the pre-operative view showing an enormous tumor of the base of the skull and the post-operative one showing no trace of it.

I asked the wrong question: “And how is the patient?” He answered cheerfully: “Oh, he died shortly after”. He could have been as successful had he used a rubber gum to erase the tumor on the scan.

I am not discussing the indication to operate but the behavior around it. 


This is why, after so many years in this job, I have decided to take all the time needed to have all the necessary information, time and techniques to help your chronic pain.

Using a multi-modal approach including food habits, exercises and diverse techniques I propose a weekly step-by-step approach over a period of one year to help your chronic pain by at least 50%.

This step-by-step individualized approach is the only good solution for your pain. It does not conflict with any treatment you receive and I will not interfere with any. In fact you need to carry on with it. But my coaching will make it more successful.  

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